connor taylor
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Anonymous Asked: Why don't you like anohana?

I love anohana. What?

I don’t like that it makes me emotionally weak though. Or that I got too emotional while watching the movie and punched my laptop, breaking it. Anohana is special man
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toomanybaglebites Asked: what are some of your favourite animes? I just found your tumblr by the way, and you seem like a really cool person.

oh! thank you!! (ノ)´∀`(ヾ)

I like quite a lot, and often have a really hard time picking favourites! These are my current top anime and manga on MAL!


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Anonymous Asked: Senpai had his chance. Senpai can go buy his own Coke!

They’re from LAST YEAR why is my coke suddenly getting notes now


shibuya rin  ⋯  ♨ o r i g  ⋯ ♨ l a r i m i i

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